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Our beauty treatments and massages

Treat yourself to a complete break from body and soul with one of our parlour's massages...

Please find below the list of our treatments and massages, carried our by a beautician/qualified masseuse.

Our parlour welcomes guests every day from 7 am to 8 pm.

We would be pleased to take your reservation for a beauty treatment by phone on +33(0)4 72 56 56 56, 24 hours prior to your stay.

Body pampering

A selection of treatments and massages with a range of beneficial effects: intense relaxation, calming tension, or pure invigoration...

Facial treatments

Moisturising, radiance boosting, anti-aging or skin-plumping.... Take a look at our special treatments to pamper your face.

Nos règles d'or
Tous nos massages sont non médicalisés et non para-médicalisés.
Ce sont des massages esthétiques, de bien-être et non thérapeutiques.
La durée du soin comprend votre prise en charge estimée à environ 10 minutes.