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Body pampering

A selection of treatments and massages with a range of beneficial effects: intense relaxation, calming tension, or pure invigoration...

Massage reflets de soie

A  delicate  treatment  combining  specific  hand  massage  techniques  with  the  softness  of  silk scarves, for a unique sensory journey. It’s an original experience of letting go, where the senses are wakened through the feel of the skin, the material and captivating smells. The body, soothed by the scarf, feels almost weightless. It’s a new approach to massage, which gives a real feeling of lightness and peace.

60 min 95.00 €
Grand massage gourmand
Soothing massage of the entire body combining massage oils with deep movements that awaken the senses for a unique moment of well-being.
60 min 95.00 €
Grand Rituel Gourmand
« Grand massage gourmand » followed by either reflexology or cranial massage
90 min 135.00 €
Balade gourmande
Balade Gourmande: Delightful body scrub with deliciously sweet aromas, followed by the « Grand Massage Gourmand».
90 min 135.00 €
Sweet fragranced body scrub followed by a moisturising body wrap.
60 min 95.00 €
Massage sportif esprit golf
A sporty, stimulating, rhythmical massage for golfers to enjoy before or after physical effort. The massage oil with dynamising aromas relaxes the muscles with a combination of totally new movements – deep manual techniques and targeted massage of strategic areas of tension with the golf ball. To be tried in a golf setting before or after the effort.
60 min 95.00 €
Balade tonique

Invigorating and nourishing scrub, followed by a complete body massage with a citrus fruit fragranced oil.

90 min 135.00 €
L'escapade tonique
A genuine emergency treatment to relieve muscular fatigue in the back: After a gentle and invigorating exfoliation with Lemon Peel, a long-lasting aromatic back massage will release any tension.
60 min 95.00 €
Rituel Tonique

« Escapade tonique » followed by either reflexology or cranial massage.

90 min 135.00 €
Grand soin detox
Invigorating and nourishing scrub with lemon peel and body wrap with green, black and red tea extracts followed by a complete body massage with fresh fragrance of citrus oil.
120 min 190.00 €
Massage elixir de bougie
Cocooning massage for complete body relaxation. The candle diffuses relaxing aromas and offers an ex- ceptional massage elixir for a unique sensorial experience.
60 min 95.00 €
Escapade Bien-être

Rituel de soin relaxant pour le corps et le visage en fonction de vos envies.

90 min 135.00 €
Hot stone therapy

This massage uses flat volcanic basalt stones, which are placed on specific points along the body's meridians to relieve tension.

90 mn 135.00 €
Duet massages are proposed as above and on availability.
0.0000 0.00 €
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